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Lane County Property Management

Full Service Property Management Including

rental analysis: whether your property is vacant or currently rented, the first step when you bring it to us is to determine what the current market rent is. If the property is vacant, this will be what we set the rent at when marketing the property to a new tenant. If the property is currently rented, knowing the market rent will allow us to suggest a strategy to keep your property at a market rent. Ultimately, the decision on this strategy is up to you.


Marketing: we will contract with a real estate photographer to take the most appealing photos of your property possible. Having these on file will assist us in future marketing when the property is coming soon to market. We will write an appealing description of the property, and post the photos and description on the most popular for rent websites. We make it easy for prospective tenants to make appointments to view your property, so you don't miss out on a qualified applicant.


Tenant Screening: we screen by rental history, credit, criminal background check, and verify income to help get a quality tenant who will keep up their payments and keep your property in great shape.


Move In: we document property condition, following local laws regarding photo documentation and tenant disclosure. We save all the documentation in the cloud, so the record of your property's condition is never lost.


Rent Collection: we collect rent and provide you a direct deposit. Your deposit will be initiated on the 6th of the month, assuming rent is paid on time. We calculate and charge all appropriate late and other fees, and are happy to pay any maintenance or other bills out of collected rents before making your deposit. We provide a monthly accounting, as well as an annual accounting you can give to your tax preparer.


Maintenance and Property Preservation: one of our most important jobs is to maintain the condition of your property. We do this by managing maintenance through an extensive network of vendors, and through an in person property walk through twice a year.


Landscaping Available: we are happy to set up regular landscaping to keep your yard in great condition, if this is a service you want to provide as part of the rental agreement.


Move Out: when your tenant eventually decides to move on, we conduct an orderly move out process including collecting keys and changing locks, evaluating the property condition against the move in condition, charging any necessary fees, returning the remainder of deposits, and giving accurate references to any inquiring future housing providers. Once this process is complete, we will work with you to determine any maintenance or upgrades you would like done, facilitate the work to the property, and have the unit professionally cleaned before putting it back up for rent in the quickest time possible.


Eviction Services: inevitably, some tenancies will not end smoothly. When this happens, we work with our network of eviction specialists and associated real estate attorneys to transition you back to a new, paying tenant in the shortest time possible.


Fee Structure: our starting management fee is 10% of collected rents. This means when you're not getting paid, we're not getting paid! If we manage 2 units for one property owner, we reduce the rate on both units to 9%. For 3 or more units, the rate on all units is 8%. Our fee is capped at $225/unit/month. Fee discounts not available for properties outside the Eugene/Springfield metro area. $100 minimum fee per unit.


Our lead property manager, Isaac Rhoads-Dey started managing residential property in 2004. After taking a break for a few years while selling residential property full time, he is back to managing.


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